Sunday, May 14, 2017

Preparation of MySQL 5.6 Database Administrator Certificate(1z0-883)

In this post I will try to provide some guidelines about how to pass (or a little help for it) the Oracle MySQL 5.6 Database Administrator Certificate exam.

If you are thinking in preparing yourself for MySQL 1z0-883 Certificate, probably you are wondering how the actual exam will look like, and after that probably you started google-ing it and seeking for sample exams for you preparation.

After that research you already had noticed that there are plenty websites offering the FREE PDF, including 100 sample questions/answers, but when you click on them, a bunch of ads show up in many separated tabs and so on.... other websites directly sell the PDF for 50$, 30$ even 10$, also Amazon and Ebay have some alternatives of buying this, including desktop app and so on. In my personal case I decided to buy it in Amazon, from one of the multiple options, and I paid around 12$, all of them selling exactly the same PDF with same questions, maybe with different answers.

My surprise was when I realized that after a month studying the actual Oracle material, I didn't know how to answer most of the questions in that PDF....but it should not have been a problem because I had the answers included within same PDF, but without any kind of explanations or anything. Then when I was re-viewing each of the question I realized most of them weren't actually correct, so after paying for it, I spent almost a week re-checking each of the answers and including and attaching official MySQL documentation for it.

Thanks to all that work I had passed the certification successfully, but I have to admit I couldn't have passed it without this PDF questions, fortunately around 40-50% of questions were the same or almost the same.

Trying to help to that community, who as I did, is trying to pass this 1z0-883 Certificate Exam, a friend of mine and I decided to take advantage of those questions at the PDF along with all those notes we took during the preparation to implement an Android App(Ionic-Cordova) and published in Google Play. 

If you are interested in the outcome of it, here you have the link bellow for it(price is around 3$)

or free version with only 10 questions:

Thanks for reading this post and I hope I can help you to obtain this certification.

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